Tuesday, July 6, 2010


And the award goes to…

Accepting for God is…

Since our recent release of "The Mμne-Pi Parables"—our latest SIDzCarbonatedMilk project, we have received many accolades, critical acclaim, and much high praise for the music, lyrics, and performances contained and showcased within. As producer, performer, and composer/arranger of "TM-PP", much praise has been lauded me. I immediately share the credit with the rest of the cast—as indeed I must. Although any waning sense of honesty and fairness would impel me to extol them so, I also really believe it serves to encourage us all—especially considering our being an indie operation that is blessedly free of the artificial Baby, you're beautiful hype machines that seed and feed to cultivate cold stars. [As such, just monetary reflections in sales commensurate with said praises and acknowledgements have not just yet been as immediate.] Addressing my own laudatory launches, the reactions from my "band-mates" tend mostly to be humble deflective shuns of my praise toward them and immediate reciprocal projections of said praise. They will ah-shucks the delivery of commendations and express their appreciation for my making them a part of what they will tell me "…is an excellent project." I know them; I know that their reactions do not at all fall under the classification of false modesty. It's just a matter of their being well balanced between manners and candor in a society that frowns upon even the faintest whiff of arrogance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mµne-Pi Morality Manifesto

Morality µ (= resistance) Nimbly Engaging Pure-hearted Intellectualism

We’re through the looking glass, people.
     But is it because a predatory secular society has re-trained brains to perceive mirror-wise through skewed views?  As I groom, primp, perfect, and prepare in my bathroom mirror, I am guided by the image of my movements therein reflected.  I have seen myself operating reverse in it for so long that interpreting my inverse movements has become more natural than ever is my negotiating from the vantage of two mirrors that show true directions in real time.  Similarly, secular humanism’s reversing effect on moral truth has yielded a bumptious bumper crop of meandering minds guided by moral compasses that always point…wherever.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Brain is a Fat Man!

...full of things, needs the fat bran.

[from the Men in Martian Ice CD*]

"What it is?", we used to say, back in the day when we'd wear our hair that way...long and limp...crowned with flowers, 'fro-on-the-go with the pick up and sticking out a defiant Black power salute to the lifting of spirits, lifting up hair, looking like lions' manes...muh main mans--lifting and lifted the spirit of racial pride.

Like pride, the family of lions, lies ongoing promoting dogma which ignores the dynamics of perceived reality (as opposed to the static nature of eternal truth).

Born in that time, was the notion that if we all just hung out together painting happy pictures on canvases of cloth and/or nubile immodest bodies...if artists ruled the government...the world would be at peace. ...forgetting that only a few decades before, that experiment was tried by a little artists' collective called the THIRD REICH fronted by evil A. Hitler...lethal to their captive audiences.